I am a Computer Science undergraduate student at the University of York, currently completing a year in industry as a placement student at ETAS. I work primarily on ETAS’s AUTOSAR runtime environments product (RTA-RTE), but have also worked with the ETAS real-time operating system (RTA-OS) product.

My interests are in embedded systems software engineering. Accordingly, I generally work in C/C++ but I also have experience using Python in automated testing and web API development. If there is something I don’t know I am always willing to learn it if required.

Here on this site I have my contact details, and social media accounts. There is also a link to my GitHub repositories which contains some of my personal projects, which are documented here as well. This is done in the hope that it can help anyone who is interested in learning about embedded systems or whatever it is my project is about.

Sometimes I like to try something a bit different to embedded systems development. Examples of some non-embedded projects I like working on include: iOS application back-ends in Swift, desktop applications in C++, and web applications with the Flask Python framework.